Boiler Fault Finder App

Boiler Fault Finder – The Problem

Boiler Fault Finder AppFar too many gas safe registered heating engineers are unable to accurately diagnose and repair faults on their customer’s boilers.  Research commissioned by an independent professional body within the industry, proved that many gas engineers were unable to demonstrate vital skills to carry out fault finding on boilers.

The Boiler Fault Finding Solution;

Boiler Fault Finder is an easy to navigate, technical support workmate, providing many features such as fault finding & diagnosis, boiler manuals, electrical safety checks, system component testing and sequence of boiler operation. The app greatly simplifies current repair execution techniques by eliminating time consuming and inconvenient phone calls to boiler technical departments. The easily navigable linear interface provides all the easy-to-perform steps required to find the fault and how to fix. The Boiler Fault Finder App has never been more accurate until now! The aim of its design is simple; to assist the gas engineer, accurately and safely, allowing them to build a base on which to develop their own skills, at their own pace.

The main disadvantages to training courses:

  • Costly (£150 – £250 per day).
  • Valuable time off fee earning work- incurring loss of earnings.
  • Does not allow the engineers to learn at their own pace, where it matters – onsite.
  • Limitations on how much one can learn in one day.

The main advantages why Boiler Fault Finder comes into its own:

  • Inexpensive compared to one day awareness training courses.
  • Easy to access and navigate, offering on-site technical support.
  • Demonstrate technical ability, enhancing business reputation.
  • No need to incur loss of earnings – “earn while you learn”.
  • All this condensed into the palm of your hand.
  • Advanced plumbing students at colleges.
  • Plumbing & heating installers throughout the UK.

Other useful information below;

If you are a gas safe plumber with an into fault finding on boilers then feel free to request to join our database of plumbing engineers throughout the UK by sending us an email to

It is well known throughout the plumbing industry that 1 in 3 plumbing issues is due to a faulty boiler. Faulty boilers mostly occur in the Winter period and what better to become apart of the new technology. Using this boiler fault finder app helps out by keeping boilers at bay and keeping those most important, warm at the worse months of there lives.