Boiler Fault Finder

David Murray

I have found the boiler fault finder to be invaluable while on site, I have downloaded several boiler manuals including Worcester, Baxi, and Potterton, these have proven very useful not only for the fault finding charts and appliance maintenance and repair instructions but also for the parts lists for the appliances.

I have also used the general fault finding information on a few occasions, the information is very useful, it shows the how to look for faults on all the different parts of the boiler I have personally used the information to find problems on fans, pumps and solenoids, what I like is that the fault is explained on one side of the table and the repair is on the opposite side, I don’t think I realised for example there could be so many reasons why a fan might be running but the boiler may not work.

The boiler electrical safety check lists are also a great idea, showing me as an engineer the correct procedure for testing the appliance you will be potentially working, what I particularly like about this is there are diagrams to show you where you should be putting your multimeter probes, and the order in which the tests should be carried out.

A boiler asbestos register is a very useful addition also as when on site servicing appliances it is very handy to have this information as it is surprising how many old gas appliances there are in customers homes and of course I would certainly not like to be taken to court as a result of opening a boiler case which has asbestos within it.

The boiler fault finder has several more very useful ideas contained it, which I have not used yet but am sure I will, a chart for swapping different programmers over being one of these, overall I would say the information contained in the boiler fault finder is very good, I have found a few boiler manuals are not on the system, but I will say the majority are, I suppose the only other annoyance would be that as it is a web based program if you are in a poor signal area you cannot get the data, that is about the only problems I have found with it.