Boiler Fault Finder

Yash Arya

I am a new entrant in to gas industry and learnt a lot through working with a heating engineer in over 3 years. I picked my own jobs in the mean while and come across many issues wherein I had no idea to assess the root issue. For an example, how would you justify if a whole 3 port valve is faulty or just the syncronous motor. I looked all around the web but none came with the polarity of syncron motor. Only BFF have explained above which is 2.4 volts. Other issue like how to ascertain the fault on a boiler it is well explained at BFF. BFF not only talks about the issue but also explains a work pattern of boiler like boiler sequence which is helpful to determine a fault and consequences of that fault and proper ways to fix it. Other interesting feature is that it contains user manuals for almost all boilers which save time if there is none available. BFF doesn’t only talk about a fault only but lets you help to cross check the fault and if any component is faulty explains the polarity you should get out of that using a multi meter and makes life easier. It provides a complete list of error codes in a easy to locate manner which is useful and time saving. BFF helps trusted engineers to promote their business by listing them on their directory. BFF is warehouse of all heating and hot water issues and provides information to fix them. I am looking forward that they develop a mobile app which must be programmed in a way to transmit their web information in a digital way and this will be a great invention. As I am a new entrant BFF is like a bible for me and lets me learn as well as earn. A big Thanks.