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Recent Reviews

  • Having worked in construction and property maintenance all my working life I've now decided to retrain as a gas engineer and the information I've found on this site is second to none as it's more than given me a foundation on which to build my knowledge base. Many thank guys
    Michael Ward, Heating Engineer
  • After installing Central heating systems for years I decided to try and do more servicing repair work, this has really helped me understand the working and components used and the steps to use to help diagnose faults, can only highly recommend this to all interested thanks
    Paul Vickers, Heating Engineer
  • The book is great. Thoroughly enjoyed all the information. I believe this book will better help serve me in my respective field. Thank you!
    Cyrus Muir, Heating Engineer
  • Great information to keep as cross referencing, useful tips and a great tool for the professional tradesman
    Martin Dixon
  • I found this by accident. Really helpful piece of information to have when you out there trying to work on a boiler. Comes in handy.
    Soti Gkize, Heating Engineer
  • I have found the boiler fault finder to be invaluable while on site, I have downloaded several boiler manuals including Worcester, Baxi, and Potterton, these have proven very useful not only for the fault finding charts and appliance maintenance and repair instructions but also for the parts lists for the appliances. I have also used the general fault finding information on a few occasions, the information is very useful, it shows the how to look for faults on all the different parts of the boiler I have personally used the information to find problems on fans, pumps and solenoids, what I like is that the fault is explained on one side of the table and the repair is on the opposite side, I don't think I realised for example there could be so many reasons why a fan might be running but the boiler may not work. The boiler electrical safety check lists are also a great idea, showing me as an engineer the correct procedure for testing the appliance you will be potentially working, what I particularly like about this is there are diagrams to show you where you should be putting your multimeter probes, and the order in which the tests should be carried out. A boiler asbestos register is a very useful addition also as when on site servicing appliances it is very handy to have this information as it is surprising how many old gas appliances there are in customers homes and of course I would certainly not like to be taken to court as a result of opening a boiler case which has asbestos within it. The boiler fault finder has several more very useful ideas contained it, which I have not used yet but am sure I will, a chart for swapping different programmers over being one of these, overall I would say the information contained in the boiler fault finder is very good, I have found a few boiler manuals are not on the system, but I will say the majority are, I suppose the only other annoyance would be that as it is a web based program if you are in a poor signal area you cannot get the data, that is about the only problems I have found with it.
    David Murray, Heating Engineer
  • I found the Boiler Fault Finder very helpful tool. It covers all the aspects of fault finding that any engineer will encounter day to day out there, wiring, tips and faults and so many more. You can tell that it is designed by engineers who have been on the tools and not by someone who only knows the theory. I found very useful the top tips for heating engineers section and also anything that Is related to wiring. One of my struggles out there was the use of the multimeter, and thanks to this tool it cleared up confusions in regards to thermistors, potentiometers etc. I really like that you can also download manuals for all the main boilers brands, vaillant, Worcester, Main, Ideal, Baxi, Potterton and many more. Unlike to many similar tools /apps out here, Boiler Fault Finder is build by engineers f engineers, and focuses on the problems an engineer will come across in a job, providing tips and solutions. I have recommended to colleagues and they will definitely will give it a go.
    Soti Gkizelis, Heating Engineer
  • Boiler fault finder saved me so much time and help me along way the fixing my old boiler. Its ideal for any DIYer(or for perfectional as well) who know what you doing but need bit more guidance about proper diagnostic guides, such as oms values of bad pump motor or what voltage should detect form flame detectors etc. superb precise info can be found here. Thank you Boiler fault finder and keep us the good work.
    Sam Samm, Heating Engineer
  • I am a new entrant in to gas industry and learnt a lot through working with a heating engineer in over 3 years. I picked my own jobs in the mean while and come across many issues wherein I had no idea to assess the root issue. For an example, how would you justify if a whole 3 port valve is faulty or just the syncronous motor. I looked all around the web but none came with the polarity of syncron motor. Only BFF have explained above which is 2.4 volts. Other issue like how to ascertain the fault on a boiler it is well explained at BFF. BFF not only talks about the issue but also explains a work pattern of boiler like boiler sequence which is helpful to determine a fault and consequences of that fault and proper ways to fix it. Other interesting feature is that it contains user manuals for almost all boilers which save time if there is none available. BFF doesn’t only talk about a fault only but lets you help to cross check the fault and if any component is faulty explains the polarity you should get out of that using a multi meter and makes life easier. It provides a complete list of error codes in a easy to locate manner which is useful and time saving. BFF helps trusted engineers to promote their business by listing them on their directory. BFF is warehouse of all heating and hot water issues and provides information to fix them. I am looking forward that they develop a mobile app which must be programmed in a way to transmit their web information in a digital way and this will be a great invention. As I am a new entrant BFF is like a bible for me and lets me learn as well as earn. A big Thanks.
    Yash Arya, Heating Engineer

Having worked in construction and property maintenance all my working life I've now decided to retrain as a gas engineer and the information I've found on this site is second to none as it's more than given me a foundation on which to build my knowledge base. Many thank guys
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Boiler Fault Finder - what's it all about? THE Boiler Fault Finder website and app - diagnose faults, find technical content, help to fix that boiler - FAST! Specifically designed for heating engineers and plumbers...

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