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Boiler Fault Finder

General Fault finding

The professional heating engineer’s complete “Boiler Fault Finder” for boiler and central heating fault finding. “Boiler Fault Finder” results from years of experience as a professional service and repair engineer, demonstrating technical expertise within the industry.The aim of its design is simple; to aid other competent gas operatives within the field, accurately and safely, allowing you to build a base on which to develop your own skills, at your own pace. This technical, yet easy to follow “Boiler Fault Finder” is an invaluable key component within your everyday tool kit.”…

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General Fault Finding

Noisy Heat Exchanger

Noisy heat exchanger (‘kettling’ and/or banging) Fault Fix Magnetite / rust blockages in waterways C
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Domestic Hot Water Faults

When the hot water is ok but the central heating is not, this eliminates all operating sequence poss
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Boiler Shuts Down

Boiler shuts down and goes to lockout Fault Fix faulty pump (not at full capacity) replace pump head
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Fan Problems

Fan running but no ignition at electrodes Fault Fix air pressure switch hoses loose check ports and
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Radiator Problems

Radiators warm up when hot tap opens / central heating flow pipe very hot with radiators hardly gett
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Burner Not Igniting

Fault Fix faulty thermocouple check connections / replace thermocouple faulty gas valve (sticking ar
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Noisy Hot Water Flow Switches

Fault Fix faulty mechanism (loose internal paddle or wheel) replace switch… This content is fo
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Noisy Solenoid

Fault Fix loose mounting check mounting return spring loose replace solenoid faulty solenoid replace
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Pressure Relief Valve Problems

Pressure relief valve opening / pressure gauge continuously climbing Fault Fix undersized expansion
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Explosive Ignition

Fault Fix pilot assembly not positioned correctly reposition assembly faulty gas valve (over gassing
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Noisy Fan

Fault Fix Worn bearings replace fan Jammed air rotor lubricate rotor Impeller heavy with foreign mat
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Noisy Pump

Fault Fix Trapped air vent system and pump Impellor out of alignment replace pump head… This c
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Faulty printed circuit board (hot water side)

Where printed circuit boards do not exhibit any obvious burnt spots (dark staining), cracked joints,
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Blocked plate exchanger

Waterways restricted with debris accumulation (rust/magnetite) Scale formation (hard water areas dep
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