Fan Problems

Fan running but no ignition at electrodes

Fault Fix
air pressure switch hoses loose check ports and firmly fix
split / kinked hoses remove kink / replace hose
water in hoses (condensation) dry hoses / replace hoses
reversed pressure connections (hoses wrong way around) correctly connect hoses
split/punctured air pressure switch diaphragm replace air pressure switch
damaged combustion chamber seals replace entire seal
cracked pilot window or damaged seal replace glass / seal
faulty air pressure micro switch replace air pressure switch
flue / airway ducts blocked at terminal clear restrictions/blockages
faulty fan (not at full capacity) check/ lubricate bearings | clear debris build up
blocked / melted venturi replace fan assembly
ignition electrodes cracked check / replace electrodes
ignition wiring harness damaged / loose check wiring / connections
faulty spark generator on p.c.b. replace p.c.b.
ignition electrodes gap too far apart check gap (as per manufacturer’s instructions)

Other Issues to check

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