Burner Not Igniting

Burner Not Igniting on your Boiler? Fault Finder for Heating Engineers and Plumbers

faulty thermocouplecheck connections / replace thermocouple
faulty gas valve (sticking armature, blocked or damaged)replace solenoid / gas valve
faulty ignition electrodes / leadsinspect gap(s) / condition
faulty printed circuit boardreplace circuit board
blocked injectorcheck injector
gas at meter or boiler offcheck isolation valves
fuse blown (consumer unit)check consumer unit fuses
fuse blown (isolation switch)check and replace fuse
power cutcheck boilers programme and reset if required
thermostat not workingcheck thermostat sender and controls
low water pressurecheck water pressure

Common issues with Boiler Ignition systems

  1. Low water pressure
  2. Gas supply issues
  3. Lack of power (electricity to the boiler)

Boiler Fault codes are generally displayed when a boiler fails to ignite. Check the manufacturers boiler manuals for each boiler and boiler fault codes in this system.

If there are no obvious signs of a fault, you can try resetting the boiler according the manufacturer’s instructions. If the boiler continues to not ignite correctly you should call a Gas Safe heating engineer to determine what the problem is.

Other Issues to check

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