Frequently Asked Questions


The system has locked me out – how can I log back in?

This is usually caused from too many attempts to enter your password (you are only allowed 3 attempts and then the system will lock the account for 15 minutes before you can try again). We cannot tell you your password as we are unable to get this – you have to reset yourself – please click this link and it will take you there:


How do I download/use the mobile app?

The mobile app is available every time you browse the website from a mobile device (mobile phone or tablet). The application will show the content optimised for your mobile device.

The app is a web mobile app.

When you browse to the home page (https://boilerfaultfinder.com) you will automatically be taken into the application if you are using a mobile or tablet device. There is nothing to install. As long as you have internet connectivity (broadband / WIFI / 3G, etc.) you will be able to access the application.

How do I reset my password?

In order to reset your password you need to goto Reset Password. You will need to enter your username. If you do not know your username, please contact support

My device does not show PDF files?

Some mobile devices will require you download an additional app in order to view PDF files. Go to your relevant ‘store’ (google store, apple store, etc.) and search for “pdf viewer”. The most compatible viewer app will be the one created by Adobe. Find this app and install it on your device.

Once installed you should be able to view all the PDF files on this website.

How do I get my business listed in the Directory?

In order to get your business listed in the plumbing and boiler repairs business directory, enter your business details on the Boiler Repairs Business Directory

Page Clearing Cookies on a mobile device

If you find the application is not working in the way you expect, please do the following to clear out your cookies from your mobile devices browser

Clearing caches on your mobile device

Device Caches

You may need to clear its cookies and data. 

iOS Safari
  1. Access your iOS Safari settings via your device’s main Settings.
  2. Select the “Clear Cookies and Data” option.

    clrearing cookies

  3. Click to confirm the clearing of the cookies and data on your device.

    clearing cookies 1

  4. Open Safari and reload your mobile theme.
Android (Steps may vary with browsers other than the default Android browser)
Access your Android device’s browser settings.
  1. Choose “Privacy and security” from the Settings menu.
  2. Choose “Clear cache” from the Privacy and security menu.
  3. Accept “Delete locally cached content and databases?”
  4. Return to the browser’s main window and reload your mobile theme.

Manual help and advice

On electrical testing what does C, NC, NO mean?

If you go to this page – “http://www.wikihow.com/Test-a-Relay” and scroll down you will see quite a few references to ‘C’, NC and NO. It relates to usage of multimeter settings.

Normally open = (NO)
Normally closed = (NC)
Closed = C

Hope it helps.