Boiler Shuts Down

Boiler shuts down and goes to lockout

Fault Fix
faulty pump (not at full capacity) replace pump head
faulty fan (not at full capacity) check / lubricate bearings
clear debris build up replace fan assembly
blocked condensate pipe work/trap clear blockage / ice plug or Increase pipe work fall
faulty ionisation electrode check gap/wiring /damages
blocked heat exchanger (blocked with sludge) replace or cleanse system
blocked primary filter on plate exchanger clean debris from filter
faulty thermistor (losing calibration) check / replace
faulty overheat cut out stat (losing calibration) check / replace
faulty gas valve (faulty modureg / solenoid) replace gas valve
blocked bypass pipe/ no bypass adjust / install bypass
faulty air pressure switch (stuck in NO position) replace air pressure switch
faulty low water pressure switch (losing calibration) replace / clear blockages
excess air trapped within heat exchanger Check / replace air vent

Other Issues to check

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