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Is there an app for Boiler Fault Finder?

What is Boiler Fault Finder?

Boiler Fault Finder is a website dedicated to heating engineers and fault diagnosis of boilers. You do not have to download anything from any store, just register online and sign in when using the site.

Yes the site is updated regularly…

There are several benefits for subscribing to the £9.99 annual package, these include:

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Regular newsletter with special offers
We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from our registered users. Please drop us a line with what you would like to see on the system and our engineers will look into adding to the system.
One of the reasons why Boiler Fault Finder is a web app rather than a native application is because we have all the boiler manuals online (some 10Gb of data) and the main application is regularly updated; which would not work so effectively any other way. It also means there is no installation for different devices (tablets, phones, desktops, etc.).
Having said that we have released the complete “BoilerFaultFinder” manual as a PDF / eBook and Kindle book – so you can download this and browse it via your tablet pdf browser or ebook reader when you need to (and not be connected to the internet).
The PDF versions of the manufacturers boiler manuals can be downloaded when online in preparation of visits or when you return in the evenings for reference purposes.
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